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This is covered by the "Clustering" section above.
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config file to use (default "server.conf")
-maxClients int
number of client connections (default 100)
## Running multiple signaling servers
IMPORTANT: This is considered experimental and might not work with all
functionality of the signaling server, especially when using the Janus
The signaling server uses the NATS server to send messages to peers that are
not connected locally. Therefore multiple signaling servers running on different
hosts can use the same NATS server to build a simple cluster, allowing more
simultaneous connections and distribute the load.
To set this up, make sure all signaling servers are using the same settings for
their `session` keys and the `secret` in the `backend` section. Also the URL to
the NATS server (option `url` in section `nats`) must point to the same NATS
If all this is setup correctly, clients can connect to either of the signaling
servers and exchange messages between them.