Explicitly use type "sysConn".

Fixes error with newer versions of golangci-lint.
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Joachim Bauch 2023-02-07 09:04:35 +01:00
parent 2df1dc467a
commit e1761da4a8
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@ -47,12 +47,12 @@ type syscallConn struct {
// This function returns newConn if rawConn doesn't implement syscall.Conn.
func WrapSyscallConn(rawConn, newConn net.Conn) net.Conn {
sysConn, ok := rawConn.(syscall.Conn)
sc, ok := rawConn.(sysConn)
if !ok {
return newConn
return &syscallConn{
Conn: newConn,
sysConn: sysConn,
sysConn: sc,