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# Changelog
## Changelog of Fork awesome
- v1.2
- Added icons: Wire, Tor project, volume mute, ringing bell & outlined ringing bell, HAL, Jupytr, Julia, research gate, Open Collective, ClassicPress, ORCID, funkwhale and 38 more. 🎉
- Updated Joplin icon.
- Added fa-content() function to fix issue with css displaying glyphs when converted to unicode values by sass.
- Updated npm packages for security reasons, and added a new option to fix odd behavior that came with svgo update (the icons chaging shape).
- Added docker container and instructions in readme.
- Build process now 'works without errors' 😅
- v1.1.6
- Added icons: file-epub, python, archlinux, pleroma, unsplash, hackster, spell-check, moon, sun, f-droid, and biometric
- Some documentation correction and augmentation, mostly in the README