224 Commits (master)

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  Omar Rizwan b948c235b8 fs,extension: Make truncate work on cached file content. 4 days ago
  Omar Rizwan 8fbfa9a7c9 extension: fix truncate in defineFile; refactor/encap defineFile 2 weeks ago
  Omar Rizwan 383096da00 extension,test: Move Router down, Router -> Routes. 3 weeks ago
  Omar Rizwan 826246bf29 md: Clean up a bit, update file figure. 3 weeks ago
  Omar Rizwan e1f9c5986a fix resources/ suffix misuse bug, tweak README 3 weeks ago
  Omar Rizwan d539660c93 extension: Remove html for now. 3 weeks ago
  Omar Rizwan 2819f3325b extension: Compress/expand lines in html view. 3 weeks ago
  Omar Rizwan 345c7a4af5 extension: red highlights for routes. 3 weeks ago
  Omar Rizwan 73f4672a8c extension,test: router -> Router. 3 weeks ago
  Omar Rizwan 5ef6929ae7 extension: Eliminate pathComponent entirely. 3 weeks ago
  Omar Rizwan b6f44d95f4 extension: Big refactor to use named variables in routes. 3 weeks ago
  Omar Rizwan be519afe5f extension,test: Start on simplifying routing. 3 weeks ago
  Omar Rizwan 57726b4354 extension: first cut at background.js.html 3 weeks ago
  Omar Rizwan 11cf48259a test: separate tests from background.js, clean up and document a bit 4 weeks ago
  Omar Rizwan 00caad5228 extension: some cleanup, get rid of ToSafari thing we weren't using 4 weeks ago
  Omar Rizwan 8f33a2feab extension: source.html -> body.html 4 weeks ago
  Omar Rizwan 922e2bb6a3 extension: also remove spaces; spaces in filenames are annoying, imo 4 weeks ago
  Omar Rizwan 636a975818 extension: use node-sanitize-filename sanitize 4 weeks ago
  Omar Rizwan 49fea2b7e8 Merge commit 'refs/pullreqs/59' 4 weeks ago
  Omar Rizwan 667f90ada4 md: evals -> watches 1 month ago
  Omar Rizwan b5113fb2d1 rename old TAB/evals to TAB/watches; add new TAB/evals 1 month ago
  Omar Rizwan 4fb8aee789 create -> mknod 1 month ago
  Omar Rizwan a6c21effdc md: link demo separate from headline 2 months ago
  Omar Rizwan c864d2859e test: temporarily disable execute-script and console tests 2 months ago
  Omar Rizwan 063051d80b remove TAB/console and TAB/execute-script which are ugly 2 months ago
  Omar Rizwan ad80383242 extension: allow deletion of TAB/evals/* 2 months ago
  Omar Rizwan dffc41a3e1 extension: add TAB/evals! 2 months ago
  Omar Rizwan 5c3e851baf fs: fix create call (it was sending mkdir to extension) 2 months ago
  Omar Rizwan bcf077ab06 hack to handle reading TAB/inputs/INVALIDID. also reorder some code 2 months ago
  Omar Rizwan 97573b0313 update test to use inputs instead of textareas 2 months ago
  Omar Rizwan 9827b089c1 change TAB/textareas to TAB/inputs, add support for text inputs 2 months ago
  Omar Rizwan 07da85e36b add WINDOW/focused 2 months ago
  Omar Rizwan e24f0f8afa active: refactor / simplify to use withTab 2 months ago
  Omar Rizwan 2215ba8e41 fix bug with write permission for files with autogen getattr 2 months ago
  Omar Rizwan 248d416c0c add Safari to Web page 2 months ago
  Omar Rizwan 5350b73c2a
Merge pull request #64 from osnr/safari 2 months ago
  Omar Rizwan 0f2ab4b4de safari: fix some races when you reload Web inspector, make ws connection retry 2 months ago
  Omar Rizwan 2f639e2a02 safari: TabFSServer subprocess that can live long. fixes bug where fs would die after a minute or two 2 months ago
  Omar Rizwan 9b4abc40ee safari: more cleanup and commenting 2 months ago
  Omar Rizwan b6b61ee093 safari: make tabfs URL path independent 2 months ago
  Omar Rizwan 341ae6d477 safari: more cleanup, start on README.md 2 months ago
  Omar Rizwan eae9082407 safari: loopback restrict 2 months ago
  Omar Rizwan 78f67aa873 safari: clean up code a bit 2 months ago
  Omar Rizwan b19f68cc8e safari: it works over ws! 2 months ago
  Omar Rizwan 4fdcf4be9d safari: successfully exchanges 1 req/resp over ws, then fails 2 months ago
  Omar Rizwan 7211a5fdea safari: start migration to using out-of-band WebSocket to do extension<=>fs comm 2 months ago
  Omar Rizwan 930352dd42 safari: works! (it lists tabs/by-title, at least) 2 months ago
  Omar Rizwan 6f743114da safari: XPC service runs! 2 months ago
  Omar Rizwan 8924f946dd safari: merge XPC service to run tabfs process. it builds but haven't hooked it in yet 2 months ago
  Omar Rizwan 33e5911cb2 trying to just run straight from sandbox instead of xpc -- kinda works! blocked on libfuse 2 months ago