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abraunegg e422adb477
Fix handling of a custom configuration directory (#2029) 1 day ago
abraunegg 3591eededc
Fix --display-config after http/2 change (#2028) 1 day ago
Sebastien Badia 0ab2955bd7
Various little spelling fixes (check with lintian during Debian packaging) (#2027) 3 days ago
abraunegg 0e0fdacf7c
Switch to using curl defaults for HTTP/2 operations (#2026) 4 days ago
abraunegg ca984eba70
Update OneDrive API response handling for National Cloud Deployments (#2023) 5 days ago
abraunegg 042949f1c1
Fix 'foreign key constraint failed' when using OneDrive Business Shared Folders (#2017) 2 weeks ago
paulsharpeY 2bab99b62c
Update known-issues.md (#2016) 2 weeks ago
abraunegg af86b55b35
Release 2.4.20 Dev Prep (#2013) 2 weeks ago
abraunegg dc8327e4b8
Release files for 2.4.19 (#2006) 3 weeks ago
abraunegg 1935def140
Update when DB is updated by OneDrive API data and update when file hash is required to be generated (#2004) 3 weeks ago
Pavel Pivovarov c7eabab27b
Added ONEDRIVE_UPLOADONLY flag for Docker (#2002) 3 weeks ago
abraunegg 83a79077c6
Update advanced-usage.md (#1999) 4 weeks ago
abraunegg 39fba9394f Documentation updates 4 weeks ago
abraunegg bc5ad62fc0
Update README.md 4 weeks ago
abraunegg 2cdd7f4c63
Update src/notifications/README (#1992) 4 weeks ago
abraunegg 7ebe0d7949
Update ubuntu-package-install.md 4 weeks ago
abraunegg bc2728322a
Update ubuntu-package-install.md (#1990) 4 weeks ago
abraunegg 352a02052a Update lock.yml 4 weeks ago
abraunegg 4e1deec933
Update Business Shared Folders to use a /delta query (#1989) 4 weeks ago
abraunegg 5958c54938 Update lock.yml 4 weeks ago
abraunegg 6c2e881314
Update Docker.md 1 month ago
abraunegg cdea464952
Update Docker Builds (#1988) 1 month ago
abraunegg a9aafabb79
Update ubuntu-package-install.md 1 month ago
abraunegg c49446712b
Update Documentation (#1985) 1 month ago
abraunegg e008468686
Update docker.yaml (#1984) 1 month ago
abraunegg 0ebe66412a
Trigger Docker build workflow only on pull request merge to 'master' (#1983) 1 month ago
abraunegg b7c7caa0b5
Release 2.4.19 Dev Prep (#1981) 1 month ago
abraunegg 22fda0a286
Release files for 2.4.18 (#1980) 1 month ago
abraunegg 8711074b57
Update Docker documentation (#1979) 1 month ago
abraunegg 2995dc66ae
Add GitHub Actions - docker.yaml (#1977) 1 month ago
abraunegg 62701e5ef3
Update Dockerfile to use Fedora 36 (#1976) 1 month ago
abraunegg 0fffb8fbc0
Implement a check to validate local filesystem available space before attempting file download (#1971) 1 month ago
ticteam 767352686f
Add libphobos2-ldc-shared94 to Dockerfile-debian (#1975) 1 month ago
abraunegg b6fee40939
Update ubuntu-package-install.md 1 month ago
abraunegg ff8d137057
Update minimum compiler versions to dmd-2.088.0 and ldc-1.18.0 (#1972) 1 month ago
abraunegg ddb9f1eae7 Revert "Update USAGE.md" 1 month ago
abraunegg 40743b5a86
Update USAGE.md 1 month ago
abraunegg de2bbb5564
Fix application crash if unable to read required hash files (#1963) 2 months ago
abraunegg 9650ac2418
Update USAGE.md 2 months ago
abraunegg 69d4a64456
Update USAGE.md 2 months ago
abraunegg ee2da78446
Update manpage to align with application configuration (#1962) 2 months ago
abraunegg b38fd5c200
Override skip_dir|skip_file through flag to force sync (#1960) 2 months ago
abraunegg ee2c14c6cc
--upload-only and --download-only are mutually exclusive and cannot be used together (#1959) 2 months ago
abraunegg b7aede6d30
Update output of --display-config (#1956) 2 months ago
abraunegg 0c8a24205d
Update ubuntu-package-install.md 2 months ago
abraunegg 7139578af1
Improve application runtime check (#1955) 2 months ago
abraunegg 04c65f9b48
Fix installation permissions for onedrive man-pages file (#1953) 2 months ago
abraunegg e08792da42
Fix --display-config being impacted by --resync approval requirement (#1950) 2 months ago
abraunegg d4b733ae89
Update when sync start and complete is written to application log file if enabled (#1947) 2 months ago
abraunegg 8a4931ccda
Update config.yml 2 months ago