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Editor.js Logo | documentation | changelog

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Editor.js is an open-source text editor offering a variety of features to help users create and format content efficiently. It has a modern, block-style interface that allows users to easily add and arrange different types of content, such as text, images, lists, quotes, etc. Each Block is provided via a separate plugin making Editor.js extremely flexible.

Editor.js outputs a clean JSON data instead of heavy HTML markup. Use it in Web, iOS, Android, AMP, Instant Articles, speech readers, AI chatbots — everywhere. Easy to sanitize, extend and integrate with your logic.

  • 😍  Modern UI out of the box
  • 💎  Clean JSON output
  • ⚙️  Well-designed API
  • 🛍  Various Tools available
  • 💌  Free and open source
Editor.js Overview


It's quite simple:

  1. Install Editor.js
  2. Install tools you need
  3. Initialize Editor's instance

Install using NPM, Yarn, or CDN:

npm i @editorjs/editorjs

Choose and install tools:

See the 😎 Awesome Editor.js list for more tools.

Initialize the Editor:

<div id="editorjs"></div>
import EditorJS from '@editorjs/editorjs'

const editor = new EditorJS({
  tools: {
   // ... your tools

See details about Installation and Configuration at the documentation.

Saving Data

Call and handle returned Promise with saved data.

const data = await


Take a look at the example.html to view more detailed examples.


  • Unified Toolbox
    • Block Tunes moved left
    • Toolbox becomes vertical
    • Ability to display several Toolbox buttons by the single Tool
    • Block Tunes become vertical
    • Block Tunes support nested menus
    • Conversion Toolbar uses Unified Toolbox
    • Conversion Toolbar added to the Block Tunes
  • Collaborative editing
    • Implement Inline Tools JSON format
    • Operations Observer, Executor, Manager, Transformer
    • Implement Undo/Redo Manager
    • Implement Tools API changes
    • Implement Server and communication
    • Update basic tools to fit the new API
  • Other features
    • Blocks drag'n'drop
    • New cross-block selection
    • New cross-block caret moving
  • Ecosystem improvements
    • CodeX Icons — the way to unify all tools and core icons
    • New Homepage and Docs
    • @editorjs/create-tool for Tools bootstrapping
    • Editor.js DevTools — stand for core and tools development
    • Editor.js Design System
    • Editor.js Preset Env
    • Editor.js ToolKit
    • New core bundle system
    • New documentation and guides
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