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8 years ago
#!/usr/bin/env php
8 years ago
use Gist\Command\CreateCommand;
use Gist\Command\ListCommand;
use Gist\Command\UpdateCommand;
use Gist\Command\StatsCommand;
use Gist\Command\DeleteCommand;
use Gist\Command\UserCreateCommand;
use Gist\Command\Migration\UpgradeTo1p4p1Command;
8 years ago
8 years ago
$app = require __DIR__.'/bootstrap.php';
8 years ago
$app['console']->add(new CreateCommand());
$app['console']->add(new ListCommand());
$app['console']->add(new UpdateCommand());
$app['console']->add(new DeleteCommand());
$app['console']->add(new StatsCommand());
$app['console']->add(new UserCreateCommand());
$app['console']->add(new UpgradeTo1p4p1Command());
8 years ago
8 years ago