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  • Fix images in questionnaire config to not use an abslute path, using a placeholder variable in the text (compatible with translation).

  • Maybe find another way to include image than the plain HTML in config file and translation.

  • Show result value indicator.

  • Take out some logic from controllers.

  • Use service providers for most stuff in app/bootstrap.php.

  • Peers:

    • externalize YAML parsing in QuestionnairePeer,
    • factorize peers to be injected as shared services.
  • Maybe find a way to factorize site title and other variables, for example using a Makefile to convert .dist files, like with %title% replaced with real variable during make process in target

  • Not tested, but I guess the local server shown in readme may not work, as it don't rewrite URL's with Apache config override (.htaccess), and the website currently don't work with /index.php/* links.

  • Make the .svnignore work, or any way to ignore any directory and its content.