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LiveConding Console

LiveConding Console provides a cli to list and play streams for


$ ./bin/console streams --language php --difficulty intermediate
$ ./bin/console play deblantv


  • PHP >= 5.4
  • Composer (php)


$ git clone
$ cd livecoding-console
$ composer update


Composer can maybe be downloaded from your system's repositories. Else, follow the next instructions:


# With cURL
curl -sS | php

# With Wget
wget -O - -q | php

You can now use it with php composer.phar [arguments].


mv composer.phar composer
chmod +x composer

Use it with ./composer [arguments].


Assuming ~/bin exists ans is in $PATH.

mv composer ~/bin

Dependencies Installation (from composer.lock)

composer install

Dependencies Update (will change composer.lock)

composer update