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  Joachim Bauch 43f0b1d598
Merge pull request #83 from strukturag/legacy-ptype 1 week ago
  Joachim Bauch 45b543d594
Stop using legacy ptype "listener". 1 week ago
  Joachim Bauch 61000f5f69
Merge pull request #75 from strukturag/multiple-godeps 1 month ago
  Joachim Bauch 865798f920
make: Only build "godeps" binary once. 1 month ago
  Joachim Bauch 043691d703
Merge pull request #72 from strukturag/align-for-atomic 1 month ago
  Joachim Bauch b89e017ae4
Merge pull request #67 from strukturag/limit-sessions 1 month ago
  Joachim Bauch f801fc8537
Include "meta" field in client OCS response (follow-up to #74). 1 month ago
  Joachim Bauch fd96d4e506
Merge pull request #74 from loelkes/master 1 month ago
  Joachim Bauch fa9446efc4
Don't generate easyjson files concurrently. 1 month ago
  Joachim Bauch 464a683e53
Merge pull request #73 from strukturag/parallel-make 1 month ago
  Joachim Bauch 245e538fae
CI: Enable parallel builds. 1 month ago
  Joachim Bauch d2af40d229
Update make targets to support parallel building. 1 month ago
  Joachim Bauch af04cc956d
Add missing lock when accessing internal sessions map. 1 month ago
  Joachim Bauch 82c20ba930
Align 64-bit members that are accessed atomically. 1 month ago
  Christian Loelkes 4af4a47ffd fix incorrect OCS response from auth backend 2 months ago
  Christian Loelkes f894837cd1 handle error message from server 2 months ago
  Joachim Bauch 97a6049154
Merge pull request #69 from morph027/crosscompile 2 months ago
  morph027 25b2722a4c
adjust godeps for multiarch builds 2 months ago
  Joachim Bauch a3e34143c5
Support limiting number of sessions per backend. 2 months ago
  Joachim Bauch b62beb2d31
Don't wrap Error object twice. 2 months ago
  Joachim Bauch 64cccab641
Log all non-websocket close errors. 2 months ago
  Joachim Bauch 559f1e28ae
Optionally disable certificate validation for proxy connections. 2 months ago
  Joachim Bauch 4427953a69
Merge pull request #65 from strukturag/proxy-ping 2 months ago
  Joachim Bauch 9ad4a0c021
Update read deadline before reading. 2 months ago
  Joachim Bauch d2b7fafde5
Send ping to proxy regularly to detect broken connection. 2 months ago
  Joachim Bauch 823be4ed43
Update changelog for 0.2.0 2 months ago
  Joachim Bauch b949aed820
Merge pull request #62 from strukturag/ignore-default-ports 3 months ago
  Joachim Bauch d9210b8b1f
Canonicalize all URLs before comparisons / lookups. 3 months ago
  Joachim Bauch 34b0b9045b
Merge pull request #61 from strukturag/virtual-sessions 3 months ago
  Joachim Bauch 5188c159c5
Update virtual sessions for SIP support in Talk. 3 months ago
  Joachim Bauch b6ce723a8b
Make sure the backend URL always points to the signaling controller. 4 months ago
  Joachim Bauch 669ec5c1af
Support "internal" messages to create/update/remove virtual sessions. 4 months ago
  Joachim Bauch dc0e927c09
Merge pull request #60 from stweil/master 3 months ago
  Stefan Weil b1978b0a19 README: Add missing information for creating group 3 months ago
  Joachim Bauch 9206a56113
Merge pull request #56 from strukturag/proxy-client-cleanup 4 months ago
  Joachim Bauch 4cd33707c4
Merge pull request #57 from SystemKeeper/patch-1 4 months ago
  SystemKeeper 90fd048015
Add '--full-trickle' to janus command 4 months ago
  Joachim Bauch 2119993606
Use publisher/subscriber ids that stay the same across reconnections. 4 months ago
  Joachim Bauch 7681e26fbb
Use publisher/subscriber objects as map keys. 4 months ago
  Joachim Bauch 18c1874333
Merge pull request #55 from strukturag/mcu-messages-session 4 months ago
  Joachim Bauch e6f6f0a846
Check combining while building pending messages instead of while sending out. 4 months ago
  Joachim Bauch dd327a841e
Send MCU messages through the session. 4 months ago
  Joachim Bauch 644d9a1737
Include load in stats response. 4 months ago
  Joachim Bauch 7d690d049f
Merge pull request #53 from strukturag/reload-improvements 4 months ago
  Joachim Bauch 52e5978b19
Handle old-style MCU configuration with type but no url. 4 months ago
  Joachim Bauch 5797111033
Log what backends are added/changed/removed on reload. 5 months ago
  Joachim Bauch cd4d930835
Update reload tests 5 months ago
  Joachim Bauch aa0191ef7e
Don't allow reload with old-style backend configurations. 5 months ago
  Joachim Bauch f7ed6addb7
Always load backends in the order they are configured. 5 months ago
  Joachim Bauch bef54339e3
Merge pull request #52 from hosting-de-labs/feature/reload-backendconfigs 5 months ago