Simon Vieille 8 months ago
commit d65d23ce17
Signed by: deblan
GPG Key ID: 579388D585F70417

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FROM node:16
RUN npm install -g broken-link-checker
ENTRYPOINT ["/usr/local/bin/broken-link-checker"]

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# broken-link-checker
Docker image to run [broken-link-checker](
Find broken links, missing images, etc in your HTML.
## Features:
* Stream-parses local and remote HTML pages
* Concurrently checks multiple links
* Supports various HTML elements/attributes, not just `<a href>`
* Supports redirects, absolute URLs, relative URLs and `<base>`
* Honors robot exclusions
* Provides detailed information about each link (HTTP and HTML)
* URL keyword filtering with wildcards
* Pause/Resume at any time
## How to
docker run -it deblan/node-broken-link-checker -ro
To get help, run:
docker run -it deblan/node-broken-link-checker --help