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PDNS Manager

PDNS Manager is a simple yet powerful free administration tool for the Powerdns authoritative nameserver. It supports master, native and slave zones.

PDNS Manager was developed from scratch to achieve a user-friendly and pretty looking interface.

PDNS Manager also features a powerful API to set records programatically. This can be used e.g. for a dynamic DNS service, but also to obtain certificates from Let's Encrypt via the dns-01 challenge.

PDNS Managers Backend is written in PHP using Slim Framework. The backend uses a MySQL/Maria DB database. The database is also used by Powerdns using the pdns-backend-mysql backend. The Frontend is based on Angular and Bootstrap.

PDNS Manager also features a plugin API to support different session caches or authentication strategies. If you want to contribute a new plugin here feel free to contact me.

More information

You can find more information and documentation as well as contact information on pdnsmanager.org. There are also some tutorials to get you quickly up and running.


If you are looking for a new feature or you found a bug, feel free to create a pull request or open a issue.