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Pavel Feldman c4d2342339
fix(config): fall back to launch options (#15293) 5 hours ago
github-actions[bot] abe5cd542c
browser(chromium-tip-of-tree): roll to 2022-Jul-01 (#15306) 6 hours ago
Playwright Service 3e86c7af95
feat(chromium): roll to r1013 (#15303) 7 hours ago
Max Schmitt 84715d6532 docs(release-notes): no jammy Docker image for language bindings 8 hours ago
Max Schmitt 1e28870af7
docs(release-notes): add 1.23 release notes for .NET (#15295) 8 hours ago
Playwright Service 64e6688e84
feat(firefox-beta): roll to r1333 (#15292) 8 hours ago
Playwright Service 2e96db4655
feat(firefox): roll to r1332 (#15291) 8 hours ago
github-actions[bot] 8da474a760
browser(chromium): roll to 2022-Jul-01 (#15296) 10 hours ago
Debbie O'Brien 239119e59f
docs: add video to component tests (#15242) 13 hours ago
Debbie O'Brien 24dce77efb
docs: add videos to release notes (#15263) 13 hours ago
Dmitry Gozman 5083da9d98
test: unflake "should truncate long test names" (#15286) 17 hours ago
Pavel Feldman 6425ab9e78
fix(ff): allow more time to launch browser (#15290) 19 hours ago
Dmitry Gozman b86926e691
fix(test runner): update timeout error messages (#15117) 20 hours ago
Dmitry Gozman dc1d8dc3da
test: improve a few test runner tests that time out (#15287) 20 hours ago
Ross Wollman aced45347b
chore: port 1.23 Python release notes (#15289) 21 hours ago
Dmitry Gozman 268bfec4b9
browser(firefox): disable cross-process navigations for about:blank (#15283) 23 hours ago
Max Schmitt 3d1d723c56
fix(esm): show codeframe when errors get reported (#15262) 1 day ago
Yury Semikhatsky 4de14e7d2c
feat(webkit): roll to r1673 (#15276) 1 day ago
Andrey Lushnikov 458c9b2207
browser(firefox): fix racy browser.newPage() method (#15251) 1 day ago
Andrey Lushnikov 35720e2fcd
devops: adapt repack-juggler script to work with win (#15254) 1 day ago
Dmitry Gozman 0254cd3be7
fix(firefox): launch races (#15259) 1 day ago
Dmitry Gozman f0b3b280a5
test: increase small timeouts to accomodate two workers (#15257) 1 day ago
Max Schmitt 71fc53bbf8
fix(matchers): toHaveClass on SVG elements (#15267) 1 day ago
Max Schmitt b0bb99f413
test: unflake React.js and Vue tests (#15264) 1 day ago
Max Schmitt f2ccd45cfd
test: unskip viewport size test (#15268) 1 day ago
github-actions[bot] 5062d69d83
browser(chromium-tip-of-tree): roll to 2022-Jun-30 (#15270) 1 day ago
Ross Wollman 9cafab382b
docs: clarify use of browser.close (#15255) 2 days ago
Dmitry Gozman ff2647cfa3
fix(network): remove races from sizes calculation (#15208) 2 days ago
Dmitry Gozman da9d68265b
test: disable network sizes tests on old electron (#15252) 2 days ago
Yury Semikhatsky a5ddf560e9
browser(webkit): restore old process cache logic (#15249) 2 days ago
Max Schmitt f6bdf3a3cc
chore: generate types always with LF (#15245) 2 days ago
Andrey Lushnikov 074ae99dc5
browser(firefox): fix browser.newPage crasher (#15247) 2 days ago
Ross Wollman 9fb80c905b
test: match more of output to ensure source map support is good (#15206) 2 days ago
Dan Bjorge cf6ffdf043
docs(accessibility-testing): fix syntax issues in example 1 (#15204) 2 days ago
Pavel Feldman 28f382bea6
chore: roll source-map-support to 0.5.21 (#15237) 2 days ago
Andrey Lushnikov 29c1ccd690
devops: fix checkout re-use for multiple different base branches (#15231) 2 days ago
Max Schmitt b3c31f5b13
fix: do not throw on removeListener without listener (#15224) 2 days ago
Max Schmitt 461bd92f12
docs(browsers): add note about 'self signed certificate in certificate chain' Error (#15221) 2 days ago
Andrey Lushnikov f95b3a40e8
browser(firefox): roll Firefox stable to 101 (#15225) 2 days ago
Playwright Service b554344907
feat(chromium-tip-of-tree): roll to r1019 (#15172) 2 days ago
Dmitry Gozman 8220ab1379
feat(firefox): roll ff 1328 and ff-beta 1330 (#15185) 2 days ago
Max Schmitt e34fa4feeb
fix(evaluate): fallback to toJSON if it exists when serializing (#15188) 3 days ago
Dan Bjorge 8c7f8eda9f
docs(contributing): add instructions for testing doc changes (#15205) 3 days ago
Pavel Feldman 6a8d835145
chore: allow updating har while routing (#15197) 3 days ago
Ross Wollman 51fd212906
docs(test-runner): add a note re: fixture naming (#15203) 3 days ago
Dan Bjorge 69273e42ae
docs(accessibility-testing): create accessibility testing guide for js (#15154) 3 days ago
Sébastien Règne f43fe4855d
docs: fix route.fallback typo (#15173) 3 days ago
Yury Semikhatsky 2a01d0c83c
browser(webkit): build Playwright.app in workspace mode (#15161) 3 days ago
Ross Wollman 3805e942a1
docs(java): fix pom.xml (and auto-generate) (#15192) 3 days ago
Max Schmitt aa1e736f3f
chore: print response body when browser download failed (#15101) 3 days ago