4364 Commits (master)

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  Andrey Lushnikov 82e8c7226d
devops: fix firefox-stable build script (#6175) 13 hours ago
  Andrey Lushnikov ad8b43467e
devops: trigger Firefox Stable builds (#6174) 14 hours ago
  Andrey Lushnikov 17c6406e6c
devops: add firefox-stable channel browser (#6173) 14 hours ago
  Ross Wollman bba7ca34c8
feat(chromium): roll to r869727 (#6170) 15 hours ago
  Yury Semikhatsky 994939f86d
feat(webkit): bump to 1462 (#6169) 21 hours ago
  Yury Semikhatsky f3b44d18be
fix(screencast): wait for ffmpeg to finish before reporting video (#6167) 22 hours ago
  Ross Wollman 957abc49e9
devops(chromium): build a new Chromium Dev 869727 (#6149) 1 day ago
  Yury Semikhatsky 5fe3ee13f0
browser(webkit): fix assertion unsafe to ref/deref from different threads (#6163) 1 day ago
  Anže Vodovnik e26d98d6de
docs(csharp): add viewport back (#6161) 1 day ago
  Andrey Lushnikov ec07a581f7
test: disable test on mac 10.14 (#6157) 1 day ago
  Dmitry Gozman bd8433ba49
test: cleanup various testing env variables (#6155) 1 day ago
  Andrey Lushnikov 856ced6e65
tests: attribute electron tests to electron on the dashboard (#6156) 2 days ago
  Yury Semikhatsky f6606d505b
fix: finish all artifacts when browser exits (#6151) 2 days ago
  Yury Semikhatsky 16c8fe74ed
docs: fix typo in language filter (#6154) 2 days ago
  Pavel Feldman e6f5ce9044
chore: allow running multiple snapshotters for tests (#6147) 2 days ago
  Dmitry Gozman db09275d89
docs: reject -> throw, fix small typos (#6152) 2 days ago
  Joel Einbinder 63d0d466e3
feat(cdp): replace wsEndpoint with protocol neutral endpointURL (#6141) 2 days ago
  Yury Semikhatsky 53d50f9b72
fix(screencast): properly stop screencast on context closure (#6146) 2 days ago
  Yury Semikhatsky f7e7ea93e2
chore: skip click test based on the browser version (#6127) 2 days ago
  Yury Semikhatsky 476ff21724
feat(webkit): bump to 1461 (#6143) 2 days ago
  Joel Einbinder 779355ad51
feat(types): make the template on BrowserType optional (#6142) 2 days ago
  Dmitry Gozman 310692b101
test: run page tests on electron bot (#6122) 2 days ago
  Pavel Feldman d9546fd098
chore: read all traces from the folder (#6134) 2 days ago
  Darío Kondratiuk e82b546085
docs(dotnet): generate arguments in a consistent order (#5800) 2 days ago
  Andrey Lushnikov 632ff111d4
test: properly annotate Android tests for flakiness dashbboard (#6133) 3 days ago
  Yury Semikhatsky bd0043b8cb
browser(webkit): keep browser process running when all windows closed (#6131) 3 days ago
  Pavel Feldman d0db4f6737
feat: include screencast in trace (#6128) 3 days ago
  Andrey Lushnikov 0c00891b80
devops: prepare flakiness dashboard cloud function to Android tests (#6129) 3 days ago
  Yury Semikhatsky 09c175914e
feat(webkit): bump to 1460 (#6124) 3 days ago
  Anže Vodovnik b37116d7b1
chore(dotnet): fix generating from parent directory (#6095) 3 days ago
  Dmitry Gozman ee44fbe2bc
devops: upload test results for android bots (#6121) 3 days ago
  Andrey Lushnikov 6ff209cdb3
fea(firefox): roll Firefox to r1245 (#6114) 3 days ago
  Andrey Lushnikov 2897df693f
devops: restore flakiness dashboard upload (#6116) 4 days ago
  Yury Semikhatsky d6c415749a
browser(webkit): fix curl compilation (#6115) 4 days ago
  Yury Semikhatsky cdbf52f68d
docs: add basic intro page for C# (#6110) 4 days ago
  Yury Semikhatsky 83c7a3ba26
docs: pass wsEndpoint as param in java (#6112) 4 days ago
  Andrey Lushnikov 4bec81b111
browser(firefox): roll Firefox to beta @ Apr 6, 2021 (#6111) 4 days ago
  Yury Semikhatsky 4bd7467942
docs: add missing connectOverCDP.wsEndpoint param in java (#6109) 4 days ago
  Dmitry Gozman 36a546999e
test: roll to folio 0.3.21-alpha (#6108) 4 days ago
  Pavel Feldman 0dfde2e975
fix(screenshot): never throw page is navigating (#6103) 4 days ago
  Yury Semikhatsky f61ec3fd07
docs(docker): update docker documentation to inlcude java (#6102) 4 days ago
  Yury Semikhatsky 9abed11782
docs: expose connectOverCDP in java (#6107) 4 days ago
  Andrey Lushnikov 112ac2f98c
feat(chromium): roll Chromium to r867878 (#6065) 4 days ago
  Yury Semikhatsky fb7c703157
browser(webkit): roll to 06-04-21 (#6106) 4 days ago
  Darío Kondratiuk fd40c92a92
chore(dotnet): generate generic EventHandlers (#6076) 4 days ago
  Darío Kondratiuk 33198c3d1a
chore(dotnet): format generateDotnetApi (#6075) 4 days ago
  Darío Kondratiuk e5b011ae74
chore(dotnet): remove Get prefix (#6074) 4 days ago
  Darío Kondratiuk ee396421ea
chore(dotnet): alias for dblclick in C# (#5899) 4 days ago
  Andrey Lushnikov da3ddb07c0
devops: start uploading test reports from chrome stable runs (#6092) 5 days ago
  Andrey Lushnikov ba5ba52e41
test: expose browserVersion in the tests (#6090) 5 days ago