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Dmitry Gozman bd8433ba49
test: cleanup various testing env variables (#6155)
1 day ago
build devops: fix driver publish 2 months ago
docker feat(docker): use playwright install-deps for building docker image (#5995) 2 weeks ago
doclint docs(dotnet): generate arguments in a consistent order (#5800) 2 days ago
flakiness-dashboard devops: prepare flakiness dashboard cloud function to Android tests (#6129) 3 days ago
generate_types feat(cdp): replace wsEndpoint with protocol neutral endpointURL (#6141) 2 days ago
linux-browser-dependencies refactor: remove browserPaths in favor of Registry class (#5318) 2 months ago
protocol-types-generator fix(chromium): use frameDetached reason (#4468) 5 months ago
testserver test: cleanup various testing env variables (#6155) 1 day ago devops: add bot to test Android (#4693) 4 months ago feat(adb): add screenshot (#4701) 4 months ago fix(adb): force page scale factor update on connection (#4755) 4 months ago
avd_test.js feat(scopes): make page a scope (#4385) 5 months ago chore(android): respect timeout, add build script (#4690) 4 months ago
check_chromium_cdn.js devops: migrate `//utils/check_availability.js` off browser fetcher (#3418) 8 months ago
check_deps.js chore: refactor trace viewer to reuse snapshot storage (#5756) 1 month ago
copyright.js chore(eslint): lint for copyrights on files (#2858) 9 months ago chore: udpate scripts that generates release draft (#5556) 1 month ago
generate_channels.js chore: implement mixins in protocol.yml (#5932) 2 weeks ago chore: add script to fetch closed bugs since git commit (#2066) 11 months ago
markdown.js Revert "chore(docs): add support for language specific notes (#5810)" 3 weeks ago
print_versions.js docs: fix browser version generation script (#4797) 4 months ago devops: start publishing canary at midnight every day (#5343) 2 months ago
roll_browser.js docs: Add ffmpeg to roll_browser.js usage output (#5643) 1 month ago chore: fix typo 2 months ago