Nextcloud app / Custom menu - This application customs the top menu of Nextcloud - Chat room:!
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npm run build
npm run watch
release: npm-build translations
if [ -z "$$VERSION" ]; then
echo "VERSION required"
exit 1
test -d releases/$$VERSION && rm -fr releases/$$VERSION
mkdir -p releases/$$VERSION/side_menu
cp -r appinfo css lib img l10n js src templates screenshots releases/$$VERSION/side_menu
cd releases/$$VERSION
zip -r side_menu_v$$ side_menu
tar cvzf side_menu_v$$VERSION.tar.gz side_menu
rm -fr side_menu
openssl dgst -sha512 -sign $$HOME/.nextcloud/certificates/side_menu.key side_menu_v$$VERSION.tar.gz | openssl base64 > side_menu_v$$VERSION.sig
php bin/generate_l10n.php