Nextcloud app / Custom menu - This application customs the top menu of Nextcloud - Chat room:!
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namespace OCA\SideMenu\Appinfo;
use OC\Security\CSP\ContentSecurityPolicy;
use OCP\Util;
$config = \OC::$server->getConfig();
$cspnm = \OC::$server->getContentSecurityPolicyNonceManager();
Util::addScript('side_menu', 'main');
Util::addScript('side_menu', 'sideMenu');
Util::addStyle('side_menu', 'sideMenu');
// whitelist the URL to allow loading JS from this external domain
// $CSPManager = \OC::$server->getContentSecurityPolicyManager();
// $policy = new ContentSecurityPolicy();
// $policy->addAllowedScriptDomain($url);
// $policy->addAllowedImageDomain($url);
// $policy->addAllowedConnectDomain($url);
// $CSPManager->addDefaultPolicy($policy);