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  Francois Vieille fc913078e7 add imgur link 6 months ago
  Francois Vieille beb5b5107e clean facets code + doc + config template 6 months ago
  Francois Vieille e0a87c0f3d uncomment poster example 6 months ago
  Francois Vieille 99406c7045 docs + illustrations 6 months ago
  Francois Vieille 4957627ab1 track data dir 6 months ago
  Francois Vieille 19914e78e5 create mosaic poster 6 months ago
  Francois Vieille f9b8a08b63 create poster beta 7 months ago
  Francois Vieille 4a95eb9d92 tests clustering + mosaic: failure + test facets 8 months ago
  Francois Vieille ac1f75d28e predict picture embedding and save it 8 months ago
  Francois Vieille 78ebb24f25 update gitignore 8 months ago
  Francois Vieille 4f6fe3edc8 generalize autoencoder models + execution on floyd 8 months ago
  Francois Vieille 45dbfd8db7 prepare clustering industrialisation 8 months ago
  Francois Vieille 8592ee01ab execution clustering 8 months ago
  Francois Vieille e7f6206a40 classes clustering 8 months ago
  Francois Vieille 005e808d39 update draft notebook 8 months ago
  Francois Vieille 11cdb40b3f tensorboard callback 9 months ago
  Francois Vieille 0811e3d3a5 cleanc code + adaptation 9 months ago
  Francois Vieille 4c5a826ec7 test du clustering simple 1 year ago
  Francois Vieille 6a45ee0b04 add remote debug 1 year ago
  Francois Vieille 9838ad8f21 etapes du clustering simple : PCA + Kmeans + CAH 1 year ago
  Francois Vieille 70eafeba17 fix loss function 1 year ago
  Francois Vieille b5c1fb710f read picture files 1 year ago
  Francois Vieille 37b7a1685d easier to call 1 year ago
  Francois Vieille 3e2147f146 name of model 1 year ago
  Francois Vieille d1b24f4891 variational autoencoder conv 1 year ago
  Francois Vieille 04713d43d1 variational model 1 year ago
  Francois Vieille 624150da81 fonction loss 1 year ago
  Francois Vieille 9c76c82920 re write abstract class 1 year ago
  Francois Vieille 0efb5bf975 import + simple 1 year ago
  Francois Vieille ebd7f74e98 nouveau modele de convolution 1 year ago
  Francois Vieille 9be8896b22 ajout d'un modele a convolution 1 year ago
  Francois Vieille af95fe85f2 fix some code 1 year ago
  prise6 fe33b892bd adam optimizer 1 year ago
  prise6 809c271a74 config activation 1 year ago
  prise6 a6969908fd fix for colab 1 year ago
  prise6 7c8922940a log version keras 1 year ago
  Francois 4e4fc39b69 conf files 1 year ago
  Francois f62ee67730 fonction pour generer le template yaml 1 year ago
  Francois 1aa1d8051a test du workflow pour entrainer 1 year ago
  Francois f8be4fae26 ignore models dir 1 year ago
  Francois 3b5c4c8023 tools class 1 year ago
  Francois 88acd0d60d class pour entrainer un autoencoder 1 year ago
  Francois bcaeb4cb1f suppression des anciens fichiers 1 year ago
  Francois 98e01b6a3d evaluation des env dans le yaml 1 year ago
  Francois f6d8b0c33c fichiers de configs 1 year ago
  Francois 2895d140c5 class pour gérer les donnees 1 year ago
  Francois f86bb1fc53 tests dans les notebooks 1 year ago
  Francois 18aaf633a2 fichier de conf/env/docker 1 year ago
  Francois 14ad2c0492 module iss 1 year ago
  François Vieille f71fae4267 Add WIP to README 1 year ago