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Prasath Mani 17de8af81b PHP "divide by zero" error when unzipping 0 byte (very small) .zip files #803 4 days ago
Apichart F 50ccd29623
Fix advanced search issue for read-only user (#785) 1 month ago
Tanner 04c1d45b5f
resolve sorting issues, keep back button at top (#779) 2 months ago
Prasath Mani ca94f23c47
Update tinyfilemanager.php 3 months ago
mclorch a65f8ff8b5
fix download Content-Type header (#770) 3 months ago
sinth 13b2bd0164
Add missing lines for German translation (#766) 3 months ago
luidoc ccf18947c8
Add Galician language (#747) 3 months ago
Rick van Leeuwen d4d620fe66
Fix Dutch translation (#745) 3 months ago
The-Exterminator 4d7078829d
Update translation.json (#742) 4 months ago
AnnAngela 7bd9483728
Fix incorrect path of the version svg (#740) 4 months ago
Agent Smith 179e13c4a6
Add danish language (#728) 4 months ago
Nguyễn Trần Chung 4ff141bb15
Update translation.json (#723) 5 months ago
Michael Milette 9b2bb18acb
Optimized and refactored fm_get_directorysize() function, and added validation. (#720) 5 months ago
Prasath Mani 7103691048 Fix - typo error #641 5 months ago
Prasath Mani 85821736c0 Update version 5 months ago
jicho e474ade92b
Client IP behind proxy (#665) 5 months ago
Daniel Kranich ad30a3a1f3
Add Global Readonly (#158) 5 months ago
Roni bb1d1d3801
added name of the file being edited (#542) 5 months ago
Daniele Paganelli c3a2f1d604
Chunked file upload (#714) 5 months ago
joaogmauricio 154947ef83
apply fix to path traversal vulnerability (#718) 5 months ago
Enyedi Szilárd bc9096fad3
Update translation.json (#708) 5 months ago
Enyedi Szilárd 3d28d8cb8e
Update tinyfilemanager.php (#707) 5 months ago
Roman Steiner 9b85951cfc
fix "400 bad request" when saving files (#705) 5 months ago
CornelCotoara d125c6736b
Add Romanian language (#690) 6 months ago
Karel De Smet f8d4d9cb17
added Dutch translation (#686) 6 months ago
Suyadi 08cb4b0fce
Fix a non well formatted numeric value encountered & Notice: Undefined offset in `fm_get_filesize()` (#681) 7 months ago
Boris Delev 95d41a9518
Just a little fix with missing " in button HTML (#675) 7 months ago
Zain Arbani 6bdc5ccfb3
Update Indonesian translations (#668) 7 months ago
febinrev 2046bbde72
Patched the RCE (#636) 8 months ago
long c1718ff4c5
Vietnamese translation update (#629) 10 months ago
Jeffrey-Wang 1db6713019
fix: document docker image name. (#622) 10 months ago
Prasath Mani c89e1d18de
Update README.md 10 months ago
Prasath Mani d401028eb6
Update README.md 10 months ago
Prasath Mani f6ac9cc63f
Update README.md 10 months ago
Jeffrey-Wang a22edfca00
feat: add Dockerfile and auto publish. (#619) 10 months ago
Alex 55706b2f8b
Adding a Slovenian translation (#614) 11 months ago
Agent Smith 09e2b9a107
Fix saving of empty files (#612) 11 months ago
Agent Smith 9ee41b14d6
Added some missing translations (#608) 11 months ago
schmigz 8158333d93
Update tinyfilemanager.php (#568) 1 year ago
sbivol e843adcf0b
Fix function name and add extensions for icons (#567) 1 year ago
safraja f182e378e3
PHP8 fix and few other changes (#562) 1 year ago
Prasath Mani 27d7126767
Typo error fix #548 1 year ago
Prasath Mani a62bb38773 PR update and sync 1 year ago
Adrien Bonnel 603f048722
Fix PHP 5.X (#494) 1 year ago
Shoyu Vanilla 442843239c
🌐 Update Korean translation (#496) 1 year ago
Julien b63615a4b8
French translation: sort and complete (#497) 1 year ago
Simon Nándor 9d78ee8b01
I added the Hungarian language (translation.json) (#509) 1 year ago
Roni 9b5d2718ab
New translations (#537) 1 year ago
Roni a38d8e3934
Portuguese, with new translations (#538) 1 year ago
Roni db3f4c01ea
Added in preferences light or dark theme (#539) 1 year ago