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Zain Arbani 6bdc5ccfb3
Update Indonesian translations (#668) 2 weeks ago
febinrev 2046bbde72
Patched the RCE (#636) 3 weeks ago
long c1718ff4c5
Vietnamese translation update (#629) 3 months ago
Jeffrey-Wang 1db6713019
fix: document docker image name. (#622) 3 months ago
Prasath Mani c89e1d18de
Update README.md 3 months ago
Prasath Mani d401028eb6
Update README.md 3 months ago
Prasath Mani f6ac9cc63f
Update README.md 3 months ago
Jeffrey-Wang a22edfca00
feat: add Dockerfile and auto publish. (#619) 3 months ago
Alex 55706b2f8b
Adding a Slovenian translation (#614) 4 months ago
Agent Smith 09e2b9a107
Fix saving of empty files (#612) 4 months ago
Agent Smith 9ee41b14d6
Added some missing translations (#608) 4 months ago
schmigz 8158333d93
Update tinyfilemanager.php (#568) 6 months ago
sbivol e843adcf0b
Fix function name and add extensions for icons (#567) 6 months ago
safraja f182e378e3
PHP8 fix and few other changes (#562) 6 months ago
Prasath Mani 27d7126767
Typo error fix #548 7 months ago
Prasath Mani a62bb38773 PR update and sync 7 months ago
Adrien Bonnel 603f048722
Fix PHP 5.X (#494) 7 months ago
Shoyu Vanilla 442843239c
🌐 Update Korean translation (#496) 7 months ago
Julien b63615a4b8
French translation: sort and complete (#497) 7 months ago
Simon Nándor 9d78ee8b01
I added the Hungarian language (translation.json) (#509) 7 months ago
Roni 9b5d2718ab
New translations (#537) 7 months ago
Roni a38d8e3934
Portuguese, with new translations (#538) 7 months ago
Roni db3f4c01ea
Added in preferences light or dark theme (#539) 7 months ago
William Gilmour c5d481c5cc
Fixed Rename with folder quotes (#534) 7 months ago
Prasath Mani a04567d3ba Fix security issues #525 and #526 7 months ago
huntr.dev | the place to protect open source 03c3f6d7f9
Fixed 3 sinks which caused XSS in filename (#511) 9 months ago
Prasath Mani 95147f5828 remove decoded php codes and code cleanup 9 months ago
ccdd13 dd9d7c09a2
Feat/mixed changes (#502) 9 months ago
Prasath Mani a19ff20768 Update vendor CDN versions 9 months ago
HOOP Mediaclinic b03232775e
Added Finnish translation (#486) 11 months ago
Peter Frost ef09231454
Fix file size display in file viewer (#475) 11 months ago
Adrian B. Hoffsten 6b06fb2532
Norwegian translation[NO] (#474) 12 months ago
Aditya Phra 2512330dee
Update Indonesia translation (#435) 1 year ago
KaiserBarbarossa 642cab42cc
Update German translation (#447) 1 year ago
tommy1616 c03e601bc3
Update translation.json (#451) 1 year ago
Michele La Forgia 0d0e728c79
Update italian translation (#440) 1 year ago
Алмас 530055df08
Add: Mongolian (cyrillic) language added. (#422) 1 year ago
Dvash 5d841d6624
Update russian translation (#414) 1 year ago
Dvash 211568ff4c
fix(actions): creating a backup in FM_ROOT_PATH (#418) 1 year ago
Anton Dalmau Mines 44bedb9be0
Update Catalan translation (#410) 1 year ago
DvashVistrame c8fff90634
fix: prevent double write to file (#409) 1 year ago
safraja a6a28a6356
Fix sorting by date and size (#387) 1 year ago
Elegary 14ed4fdb92
Update french translation (#392) 1 year ago
zachlankton 65f7dc448d
Fixes #183, Fixes #289 (#400) 1 year ago
zachlankton fb31a14873
Added Error Message When File Fails to Write (#399) 1 year ago
Michael Milette c741ae2212
Notice: A non well formed numeric value encountered (#386) 1 year ago
JHuyVu e118d650a3
Correct wrong word in Vietnamese language. (#381) 1 year ago
safraja c260601ef6
Czech translation update (#368) 2 years ago
Mirco Babini 462566a31b
Remove duplicate code block (#377) 2 years ago
Prasath Mani 0a92002919 if exist include config.php #366 2 years ago