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Tiny PHP File Manager

Tiny file manager in single php file

H3K | Tiny File Manager


  • PHP 5.2 or higher.
  • Zip extension for zip and unzip actions.
  • Fileinfo, iconv and mbstring extensions are strongly recommended.

How to use

Download ZIP with latest version from master branch.

Copy tinyfilemanager.php to your website folder and open it with web browser (e.g. http://yoursite/any_path/tinyfilemanager.php).

Default username/password: admin/admin. password has encripted with MD5.

Warning: Please set your own username and password in $auth_users before use.

To enable/disable authentication set $use_auth to true or false.

📢 Features

  • 💿 Open Source, light and extremely simple
  • ℹ️Basic features likes Create, Delete, Modify, View, Download, Copy and Move files
  • Ability to upload multiple files
  • 📁 Ability to create folders and files
  • 🎁 Ability to compress, extract files
  • 😎 Support user permissions - based on session
  • 💾 Copy direct file URL
  • ✏️ Edit text formats file using advanced editor
  • Backup files
  • 🔎 Search - Advanced Ajax based seach
  • 🌴 Tree file view
  • ‼️ lots more...

Source: filemanager(original version) were built by alexantr.
This is an excellent and improved version of the original.