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  • French devop driven by the culture of free and hacking 🦇

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Hey 👋

🇫🇷 Je suis un devop animé par la culture du libre et du hacking
🇬🇧 I am a devop driven by the culture of free and hacking
🇩🇪 Ich bin ein Devop, der von der Kultur der Freiheit und des Hackens angetrieben wird

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Murph is an open-source CMF built on top of Symfony that helps you to build your own CMS with several domains and languages. It comes with:

  • A fully implemented and customizable tree manager 🌳
  • A CRUD generator ✏️
  • A global settings manager and a navigation settings manager ⚙️
  • A tasks manager 🧹
  • A basic web analytics 📊
  • 2FA authentication 🔒

Symfony developers will love build on Murph 🧪

End users will be fond of the interface and the powerful tools 💜

📗 Read the documentation

🤙 Nextcloud app / Custom menu 🎨

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Allows you to modify the position of the main menu by creating a panel on the left of the interface or with a big menu on the top. You can also add and sort custom categories, define apps that must be displayed in the top menu, etc. Fully customisable.

This application is rather suitable for instances that activate a lot of applications.

📘 Read the documentation

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