Simon Vieille deblan
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  • French devop driven by the culture of free and hacking 🦇

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GIST is an open-source application to share code.

Updated 4 years ago

This application customs the top menu of Nextcloud

Updated 19 hours ago

CSV validator library.

Updated 3 years ago

t411-console provides a console line tool for searching torrents on the tracker You also can configure a transmission remote access to run a download.

Updated 6 years ago

A simple PHP library to parse and generate CSV files.

Updated 4 months ago

Updated 2 years ago

PDNS-Console provides a CLI to manage PowerDNS application and improved it by adding a powerfull DNS zone versionning. Issue tracking:

Updated 7 years ago

Updated 2 years ago

Updated 8 years ago

Updated 2 years ago

My i3 configurations and scripts.

Updated 6 months ago

Scripts wroted for

Updated 8 years ago

This project provides a questionnaire that determines the Linux distribution (or BSD system) which matches your preferences.

Updated 8 years ago

Updated 1 year ago

Source of

Updated 8 years ago