My vim configuration (~/.vimrc, ~/.vim).
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My vim configuration

Made for php developments.


First, move to your home directory: cd $HOME


Packages for Debian GNU/Linux. You have to adapt it for your system.

$ sudo apt install \
vim \
vim-athena \
vim-common \
vim-gtk \
vim-gui-common \
vim-nox \
vim-runtime \
vim-scripts \
vim-tiny \
wget \
git \
exuberant-ctags \
nodejs \


$ wget
$ chmod +x php-cs-fixer.phar

Instant Markdown preview:

$ sudo npm -g install instant-markdown-d

Notify me if I forgot something :)

Do backups if needed:

$ [ -f .vimrc ] && mv .vimrc .vimrc-back
$ [ -d .vim ] && mv .vim .vim-back

Cloning the configuration

$ git clone deblan-vim
$ ln -rs deblan-vim/vimrc .vimrc
$ ln -rs deblan-vim/vim .vim


$ git clone .vim/bundle/Vundle.vim
$ vim +PluginInstall +qall

Hack the conf!

  • let g:snips_author = "Your username"
  • let g:snips_email = "Your email"
  • let g:snips_github = "Your website"

GVim is configured to use Fantasque Sans Mono: If you want to use another one, edit set guifont=Fantasque\ Sans\ Mono\ 14.

F1 is mapped to run a script named indentation. It's a personal and ugly script that indents the html, css and javascript. If you want to use it, you must install node and run sudo cp .vim/bin/* /usr/local/bin/.