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The journalduhacker codebase is under a AGPL license. All code submitted must be licensed under these terms.

The original code is released under the MIT license.

####Before Making Changes

While this project's license allows for modification and use to run your own website, this source code repository is for the code running the website at

Not all changes or new features submitted will be accepted.

###Making Changes

  • Fork journalduhacker/journalduhacker on

  • (Optional) Create a branch to house your changes.

  • Wrap code at 80 characters with 2-space soft tabs for Ruby code. For other languages, use the existing style of the files being edited. 3rd party, externally-maintained code such as Javascript libraries can remain in their own style.

  • Check for unnecessary whitespace with git diff --check before committing. Commit whitespace and other code cleanups separately so that your actual changes can be easily understood.

  • Write a proper commit message with the first line being a short, present-tense explanation of the change. Wrap all lines at 80 characters.

  • If applicable, add tests for your changes. Not all changes require tests, and tests should not be added just for the sake of code coverage.

  • Run all tests (with rake in the root directory) to ensure nothing has been broken by your changes.

Submitting Changes