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  Lukas Metzger 28abbfa356 Add version metadata to packaging 4 months ago
  Lukas Metzger 52050a4298 Fixed db layout for tests 5 months ago
  Lukas Metzger 72a60a0703 Adjust database layout to default powerdns layout fix #98 5 months ago
  Lukas Metzger 0b2f36dbbd Fixed spelling of shure to sure 5 months ago
  Lukas Metzger 6feed021d2 Bump test database version 5 months ago
  Lukas Metzger 4eed13e475 Clarify error message in setup 5 months ago
  Lukas Metzger 0e53529442 Fixed sql schema for installation 5 months ago
  Lukas Metzger aa2a5906f9 Fixed deletion of password when editing user fixing #112 5 months ago
  dependabot[bot] 36b6bf5b88 Bump axios from 0.18.0 to 0.18.1 in /backend/test (#116) 5 months ago
  dependabot[bot] 972d03b005 Bump axios from 0.18.0 to 0.18.1 in /frontend (#115) 5 months ago
  Lukas Metzger 2bae2042a2 Merge branch 'master' of github.com:loewexy/pdnsmanager 5 months ago
  Lukas Metzger 600c7acdc1 Fixed client ip error on X-Forwarded-For 5 months ago
  Virtual Mirai 2628d7f938 Fixed typo line 5 (#92) 1 year ago
  GAZDOWN 091f27e9e5 Fix broken login after upgrade (#80) 1 year ago
  Lukas Metzger 328d645838 Fixed errors in README.md 1 year ago
  Lukas Metzger 67bff0d6bf Updated some dependencies 1 year ago
  Lukas Metzger 99ad1ef4a4 Updated angular 1 year ago
  Lukas Metzger 78dc31bec8 Updated dependencies to fix security vulnerabilities 1 year ago
  Lukas Metzger df99f5e237 Fixed travis config 1 year ago
  Lukas Metzger 3aedfbac4b Updated README.md 1 year ago
  Lukas Metzger cfbe93ba38 Removed unnecessary line 1 year ago
  Lukas Metzger 160156dcb5 Fixed travis config for master 1 year ago
  Lukas Metzger d7430923f4 Merge branch 'dev' into 'master' for v2 1 year ago
  Lukas Metzger d6285f92bb Fixed to early closing dropdown in searchfield 1 year ago
  Lukas Metzger b38b1e9122 Added favicon 1 year ago
  Lukas Metzger 93d8521b86 Added automatic deployment 1 year ago
  Lukas Metzger 7cb02511ae Better error message and updated licence 2 years ago
  Lukas Metzger bf9f68a450 Fixed error where domains with exactly a soa record where not found 2 years ago
  Lukas Metzger 8ffda92071 Fixed type of second password field in setup 2 years ago
  Lukas Metzger de80e3797b Fixed bug where setup stored hard coded config to config file 2 years ago
  Lukas Metzger 67d3981694 Added build package script 2 years ago
  Lukas Metzger 2df4ce991a Fixed exeption handling for 403 errors 2 years ago
  Lukas Metzger 8db7040211 Implemented update in ui 2 years ago
  Lukas Metzger b77c8232f9 Added Update APIs 2 years ago
  Lukas Metzger aed50e530f Added POST /remote/changekey API 2 years ago
  Lukas Metzger 5838f61db6 Added GET /remote/servertime API 2 years ago
  Lukas Metzger 799ce1b371 Added /remote/changepw 2 years ago
  Lukas Metzger d5e86f3583 Added ip to failed login log messages 2 years ago
  Lukas Metzger b2cf655a88 Added GET /remote/ip endpoint 2 years ago
  Lukas Metzger 16a56184b8 Added handling of session expiry 2 years ago
  Lukas Metzger e6ca551641 Removed SOA from records 2 years ago
  Lukas Metzger 2e4c49445f Added frontend for setup 2 years ago
  Lukas Metzger 25346304f5 Fixed infinite loop if no users, no domains, or no records are present 2 years ago
  Lukas Metzger 14039932fe Added setup to backend 2 years ago
  Lukas Metzger 29f97e781e Implemented credential editor 2 years ago
  Lukas Metzger f8da1e68a3 Fixed bug where invalid key was not recognized on update 2 years ago
  Lukas Metzger b083024ab2 Added record deletion and minor behavioural improvements 2 years ago
  Lukas Metzger 67c2f2d2a2 Added add line for auth record editor 2 years ago
  Lukas Metzger 5208c36d8e Added first parts of auth editor 2 years ago
  Lukas Metzger 5d2ef81610 Fixed bug where serial was never incremented 2 years ago