Simple scraper.
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Build Status

This project is a basic tool to scrap a data from a website using a CSS selector.

For example, if you want to retrieve the number of a project's releases hosted on github:

With CLI

node src/cli.js \
  --url \
  --selector '.repository-content .numbers-summary li:nth-child(4) a' \
  --tags \
  --breaks \
  --spaces \
  --breaks \

...will show XXX releases.

More help with node src/cli.js --help.

With code

const scraper = require('deblan-scraper')

const options = {
  url: '',
  acceptAllStatus: false, // Optional, default is `false`
  method: 'GET', // Optional, default is `GET`

const isMultiple = false // get the first result, `true` to get an array of results

const selector = '.repository-content .numbers-summary li:nth-child(4) a'

const filters = {
  tags: null, // Removes tags. You can specify the tags to remove (separated by comma)
  breaks: null, // Removes breaks (\n, \r)
  spaces: null, // Replaces 2 successive spaces by 1, except breaks
  trim: null, // Strips whitespaces from the beginning and end of the value

  function(value) {
  function(error) {



  • node >= 10
  • yarn
$ git clone
$ cd scraper
$ yarn