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vhost-manager helps you to create apache2 vhosts.


  • PHP
  • GCC
  • whiptail
  • wget
  • make


$ sudo apt install gcc build-essential whiptail wget make
$ sudo apt install <php stuff>
$ git clone
$ cd vhost-manager
$ make


$ cp etc/config.dist etc/config
$ vim etc/config


  ./bin/vhost-add [options]

  -i                 Enable script interactivity
                     The script is interactive when no argument is given
  -d                 The domain name
  -a                 Aliase(s)
  -m value           Enable "http" or "https"
  -r                 Force redirection of http to https
  -p value           Enable PHP with the given version (eg: 8.0)
  -u value           Username in the system
  -h                 Show this help


$ sudo vhost-add
$ sudo vhost-add -m http -m https -r -d -a -p 8.0 -u example -i