Nextcloud app / Side menu - This application moves the top menu of Nextcloud to the left side.
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🤙 Nextcloud app / Side menu 🎨

Side menu allows you to modify the position of the main menu by creating a panel on the left of the interface. This application is rather suitable for instances that activate a lot of applications.

Comptatible with AppOrder.

Installation and upgrade

Side menu is availabe from the app store. If you want to install it from source: go to and download the last release ( Copy the content into apps.

$ cd /path/to/nextcloud/apps
$ unzip -d side_menu /path/to/

Administrators can edit many settings using the administration page.

Users can disable the menu using the page of personal settings.

Use the shortcut Ctrl+o to open and to hide the side menu. Use tab to navigate.

How to contribute?

You can report a bug or request a feature by opening an issue:

If you are a developer:

  • fork the repository
  • install an instance of Nextcloud
  • go to apps/ and clone your repository
  • go to apps/side_menu and run npm install

Build javascripts using webpack --config ./webpack.js (add -w to build them in real time).

Then commit and create a pull request.