• v1.23.0 6f961ba79b

    v1.23.0 Stable

    deblan released this 2023-11-01 16:32:42 +01:00 | 12 commits to master since this release


    • allow to define templates show before and after a murph collection item
    • add global batch actions
    • add constraint Length in forms
    • add sass classes to manage with of elements
    • set searchFields option on jschoice manager (search on labels)


    • refactor services using constructor property promotions
    • remove twig in the mail notifier service
    • change pills colors
    • change border colors of inputs when focused
    • change colors on js-choices element


    • fix regression on crud sorting
    • fix test in RepositoryQuery::addForcedFilterHandler
    • remove parameter $option on CrudConfiguration::setForm and fix CrudController make template
    • fix the aspect of the actions's column in the crud