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  Simon Vieille e1d450218c
release v1.7.0 5 days ago
  Simon Vieille 93c8ade21a
release v1.6.4 5 days ago
  Simon Vieille dcc19f5b23
add loader 5 days ago
  Simon Vieille 6418e79d49
compatibility with nextcloud 19 1 week ago
  Simon Vieille 9b4aecaf41
add documentation 1 week ago
  Simon Vieille 46148167e9
add documentation 1 week ago
  Simon Vieille a0f4eddab0
release v1.6.3 1 week ago
  Simon Vieille 24bf8496f3
fix issue #20: add shortcut to open and to hide the menu 1 week ago
  Simon Vieille 8368562ed0
release v1.6.2 1 week ago
  Simon Vieille 9a8f5517b6
add a cache for the top menu update (#19) 1 week ago
  Simon Vieille bddd8e9c0c
release v1.6.1 1 week ago
  Simon Vieille 03dbe8eeed
fix issue #19: add a hack to show external sites in the top menu with navigation 1 week ago
  Simon Vieille 321e5b1178
add title on links 1 week ago
  Simon Vieille 594b818515
release v1.6.0 1 week ago
  Simon Vieille 7ac19c7bec
add personal settings page to enabled (or not) the side menu 1 week ago
  Simon Vieille 375ed7d2f1
indentation 2 weeks ago
  Simon Vieille bbd4403c3e
release v1.5.0 2 weeks ago
  Simon Vieille c52079e882
fix #19: add option to keep external sites in the top menu 2 weeks ago
  Simon Vieille 7864e16ef3
add option to force light icons 2 weeks ago
  Simon Vieille 4b06b633b8
fix #16: add dark icons 2 weeks ago
  Simon Vieille 12abd19936
fix #16: add dark icons and handle main menu svg filters 2 weeks ago
  Simon Vieille 281e7e8de1
release v1.4.1 2 weeks ago
  Simon Vieille d325d583d4
fix issue #15 and harmonization render with chrome browsers 2 weeks ago
  Simon Vieille 63b03ae11e
release v1.4.0 3 weeks ago
  Simon Vieille ec50328f78 Merge branch 'feature/issue-12' into develop 3 weeks ago
  Simon Vieille 4146e9c2a1
fix #12: add an option to hide the opener and the panel when there is no application 3 weeks ago
  Simon Vieille 76ecd6aeaa Merge branch 'develop' into feature/issue-12 3 weeks ago
  Simon Vieille ef22990f4b
release v1.3.4 3 weeks ago
  Simon Vieille c84ce6a615
release v1.4.0 4 weeks ago
  Simon Vieille 9b060d1a4b
fix #13: add option to show only the opener 4 weeks ago
  Simon Vieille 26e737e2d7
fix #13: add alternate hamburger icon 4 weeks ago
  Simon Vieille 67f27e0ef4
fix #13: add alternate hamburger icon 4 weeks ago
  Simon Vieille a392bb07c0
first tests to solve issue #12 4 weeks ago
  Simon Vieille 58661508d4
indentation 4 weeks ago
  Simon Vieille 5509b69908
fix #11 4 weeks ago
  Simon Vieille 51eccde659
add gitignore 4 weeks ago
  Simon Vieille d0c072bee5
release v1.3.3 4 weeks ago
  Simon Vieille 95f7eb5980
add options to select the size of icons and texts or hide them 4 weeks ago
  Simon Vieille 18314b260f
add 2nd background color 4 weeks ago
  Simon Vieille e3c159b4d6
add 2nd background color 4 weeks ago
  Simon Vieille a48611edf4
indentation 1 month ago
  Simon Vieille 5dde7ca850
add padding on icons 1 month ago
  Simon Vieille db2f7becae
add documentation 1 month ago
  Simon Vieille 1715ae5d52
release v1.3.2 1 month ago
  Simon Vieille 847fa23345
add support message 1 month ago
  Simon Vieille 0495046d02
fix #9: apply a patch to correctly generate an image path 1 month ago
  Simon Vieille 0474ef55e8
release v1.3.1 1 month ago
  Simon Vieille 7c9653943a
remove extension from routes (css, js) 1 month ago
  Simon Vieille 457bfc282b
add opener-position option (issue #3) 1 month ago
  Simon Vieille 84c78538f0 fix typo 1 month ago