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Merge pull request #2 from prise6/fix-cran1 1 year ago
  François Vieille 403c6862c0 submission 4 fix table 1 year ago
  François Vieille eb3ee16751 fix incidence table 1 year ago
  François Vieille 317bafd27b Update cran submissions infos 1 year ago
  François Vieille e1355147ea Make example checkable + delete import rpart function 1 year ago
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  François Vieille e064cdc1f5 add e1071 to suggest field 1 year ago
  François Vieille a7b27f51b2 Add 'rmarkdown' in suggest field + update infos 1 year ago
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  François Vieille 4dd47eece9 fix typing issue readme 2 years ago
  François Vieille 4b790510ff notice there is a wiki 2 years ago
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  François Vieille 350292f80d Ajout des fichiers de suivis 2 years ago
  François Vieille 842832d1bc fix duplicate Rd help files 2 years ago
  François Vieille 155d95cc91 delete inst/doc 2 years ago
  prise6 8d6baec535 Fix typing issue 'sprintf' 2 years ago
  prise6 f614b0f3d3 Update readme file 3 years ago
  prise6 4f4b33b9e9 Add documentation and vignette 3 years ago
  prise6 31e16ab68d Fix some bug and documentation 3 years ago
  prise6 241e4cf467 added some sutffs 3 years ago
  prise6 9c1c7c3abe Add incidences infos 3 years ago
  prise6 4846c4ee34 Add quick examplre and reorganize presentation 3 years ago
  prise6 94495e5bec Update vignette example because of new wrappers 3 years ago
  prise6 cd9fc1063e update manual because of new wrappers 3 years ago
  prise6 263e1d6d22 Fix list bug 3 years ago
  prise6 12e4ab74fd Adding quick preview 3 years ago
  prise6 a4bd8fdbb7 Writting wrapper of RefClass 3 years ago
  prise6 7b5c7d4ec4 Corection of package name 3 years ago
  prise6 6ffb468265 Build vignettes 3 years ago
  prise6 797bd65ff8 Changing name of package 3 years ago
  prise6 1688e22520 Adding text to vignette 3 years ago
  prise6 2fa7af0d41 Arguments of VT.incidences 3 years ago
  prise6 be004ed1fe Name of package is aVirtualTwins 3 years ago
  prise6 f9dd526a65 fixing incidence bug function 4 years ago
  prise6 e638215863 Fixing interactions bug 4 years ago
  prise6 f7b5e18052 Add vignette title 4 years ago
  prise6 d86f9ccddb Merge conflict 4 years ago
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  prise6 3d8c403405 Allow my own vignette online 4 years ago